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    Can tableau connect to Oracle OID LDAP



      We have a oracle stack at present, but are analyzing tableau for reporting.

      I am looking for Tableau integrating with Oracle OID, can anyone point me to the article / documentation.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Nagesh,


          To use net services in Tableau, either TNS_ADMIN or ORACLE_HOME must be set as an environmental variable. To use TNS_ADMIN, the full directory path that contains the tnsnames.ora file should be referenced. To set ORACLE_HOME, use the main Oracle directory.


          The following KB provides further information on using TNSNames:




          Hope this helps!



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            Thanks for the reply.



            We have Oracle Internet Directory(OID) as enterprise LDAP for User Management.


            We are trying to check if  OID can be used in place of Active Directory for User Management,

            If the above is not possible are there any workarounds possible.


            We are almost in final stages of product selection and this is one of the main criteria’s in our selection, so if you can please answer ASAP.


            The below answer is about connecting to Oracle DB.




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              Brett Pepper

              Yes, it is supported.  In the Oracle connection dialog box, put your servicename (OID/LDAP entry name) in the SERVER: field and leave the SERVICE: and PORT: fields blank.   The entry in the SERVER: field will be looked up in LDAP and/or the tnsnames.ora file, the order is based on the names.DIRECTORY_PATH entry in your sqlnet.ora configuration file.

              i.e.:   NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH = (LDAP, TNSNAMES)


              This is for basic servicename lookup which makes the real server location and port transparent.  User authentication is another level of features I am not addressing.