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    How to show non existing value from calculated filed along x-axis

    Abhishek Belnekar



      I have a calculate field called as "Response Bucket" as below


      IF [Severity_Text] = "1-Critical" THEN

          IF [Response Time Used] <= 15 THEN "0-25%"

               ELSEIF [Response Time Used] > 15 AND [Response Time Used] <= 30 THEN "25-50%"

               ELSEIF [Response Time Used] > 30 AND [Response Time Used] <= 45 THEN "50-75%"

               ELSEIF [Response Time Used] > 45 AND [Response Time Used] <= 60 THEN "Almost Breaching"

               ELSE "Breached"




      Where the "Response Time Used" is coming as difference of two dates in minutes. My problem is I want to show all the values (0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, Almost Breaching, Breached) along the x-axis even if there is not single reord wrt to this calculation. Is it possible?


      Right now with the data that I have only 3 buckets. So the x-axis will show only these three values as "25-50%" and "50-75%" does not exist in the database.