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    Action Filter on multiple blended data sources

    Filippo Liverini

      i searched the community on this, but I was not able to find a good answer.

      i have two data sources A and B where A is an aggregated version of B removing some details.

      in my workbook, i have two dashboards Main and Secondary. the Main dashboard contains sheets from Data Source A and has an action filter that applied to sheets on the Secondary dashboard. meaning that when clicking in the main dashboard it goes to the secondary one. the secondary dashboard contains sheets from both A and B datasources. the action filter from the Main Dashboard applies to all sheets in the Secondary Dashboard.


      my issue is that once i am in the Secondary dashboard, i would like to have a quick filter to change the value of the action filter AND have it apply to all sheet in the dashboard. getting the actual filter is easy enough, but it cannot be applied to sheets that have data source B as their primary source.


      i thought of a few ways of getting around this by using data blending, but i have not yet found an ideal solution. i have attached a workbook that shows what i am trying to accomplish using a random data set since i cannot share my customer data.

      in this example, i have an action filter on the Main dashboard where the source sheet uses data source "Aggregation". this filter gets applied to all sheets on the Secondary dashboard. i then want a quick filter that changes the country on all sheets in the Secondary dashboard.


      In the secondary dashboard i made two different maps that show what i have tried. both of these maps use lat/long and city name from the "Details" data source since that is the only source that contains the info, but for one map i used the "Aggregation" source as the primary and for the other i used the "Details" source as the primary. here are the issues with each

      - using "Details" as the primary data source filters ok on the original action, but then the action quick filter cannot be applied to it

      this would mean that i would need to have two country quick filters, one that acts on the map and one that acts on the rest of the sheets in the dashboard


      - using the "Aggregate" source as primary allows me to use the action filter on it, but it then does not display the dots on the map correctly when a country with more than one city is selected. i am guessing this is because the lat/long and city info are treated as attributes, so if there is more than one city in that country then it just shows us as "*"


      While i think that there are some ways to get around this, unfortunately i have some limitations that i cannot get around:

      - i cannot join the two data sources because of performance reasons

      - the Secondary dashboard does contain sheets from both data sources

      - there should be a quick way to filter all sheets in the Secondary dashboard


      Any suggestions or ideas on how to make this happen are really appreciated.


      Thank you,


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          Joe Oppelt

          Rather than trying to control the second dashboard with a quick filter, consider using another filter action.

          See attached.

          I took off the filter and added another sheet in its place.


          Also the lower map now works because I put the dimensions that generate the lat/long values onto the details shelf.


          See attached.

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            Joe Oppelt

            If you don't want to see that sheet displayed until the user wants to change the country, we can do some popping to pop out that sheet when it's time to use it.  It's more of a jedi technique, so if you haven't popped out objects, it might be confusing.  But if you need to do that, we can talk. 

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              Filippo Liverini

              Thank you Joe, that is a great solution. i am marking it as correct. however, there is a drawback to it which is that a sheet does not have the formatting capabilities that you can get with a quick filter. for example, you cannot have the sheet show the values as a single value dropdown. if the list of items is not too long, it is possible to apply some formatting to make it look like it is a filter. in my case i had 6 items, so i applied some formatting like this:

              where the airframe, tail number, and flight date are filters. and the Event Categories is actually a sheet made to look like a filter


              unfortunately, if the list is long, this may not be an option. i tried instead of exposing the sheet, to expose the filter from the sheet, but that does not work because it will conflict with the underlying action filter and in most cases filter out all data from the sheets.


              in my particular situation, i am applying this technique in two different dashboards. one has 6 values to chose from (the one shown above) and the other has about 200 values to chose from. i will be using this solution in the first case and keep trying on the second case (where i would really want a single value dropdown).


              Thank you again for the speedy and accurate response.

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                Joe Oppelt

                Tell me if this is something you're interested in.  If so, I can describe what I did in there.  (Some tricky stuff.)


                It's all sheets.  You need to have a sheet to select from on the second dashboard to get the two data sources to obey the selected country.  But I pop out the selection sheet when the user wants to select a new country.

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                  Filippo Liverini

                  Thank you Joe. That is great trick. it took me a while to figure out all that was going on but i finally got it. the use of floating containers with origin out of view is very interesting. i am going to try and apply this to my actual dashboard (instead of the example i have been attaching) and see if i can make it work. i might have to switch to fixed size instead of automatic.


                  i am attaching a slightly different copy of the workbook where the sheets now look even more like a drop-down filter in case somebody finds this useful. the only changes that i did was to remove the blank on the right side so that the floating sheet pops up over the map (like a drop-down filter would). i also changes the origin and size of one of the floating containers to reduce the amount of blank space.