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    Help Needed ! Create a dashboard with % contribution towards different tasks in different shifts

    Ashok Bhatta

      I have got employees, They might work on more than one department. They also work on different schedules like Holidays, Weekends, Nights, Holiday Nights, Holiday Weekends etc.I want to calculate something like this:

      1. Overall Work effort: includes all tasks (Teaching, lab, hosp, Volunteer, Teaching Hol, Teaching weekend, Teaching Nights etc.)

      2. Effort on one department: includes all tasks for that department (for example: Operations or research)

      3. Effort on HOLIDAY: It includes all tasks that has got HOL on it(for example: Teaching HOL, Lab Hol, Teaching Night Hol, Vol Night Hol, lab Weekend Hol etc.)

      4. Effort on Weekends: It includes all tasks that has got Weekend on it (For example: Vol weekend Hol, Teaching Weekend, Lab Weekend, lab Weekend Night etc.)

      Now, When I try to create a calculated field with CASE/IF statement, the tasks are repeated. for example: Teaching Weekend Night will be on three different buckets like Teaching, Weekend, and Night. How would I approach this issue so that I could create calculations like Overall effort, Department-wise effort or contribution, Holidays contribution, Weekend contribution, Holiday Night contribution etc.

      I created sets for all these types of schedules but with sets I could only use One at a time throwing the set in the filter. But I wanted to show some visualization that shows/compares the shift contribution of the employee and the overall contribution. Thank you so much in advance.