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    Where is my data?

    Jerry Flatto

      I have been using the attached class project for years in my classes and am having an issue.  The data set is a twbx file so should have the data included.  Saying that, when I click on the "Data Source" tab, I am being asked to connect to the data as if I had a .twb file.  I do not have a .tde or .hyper file for the data and have never needed it before. 


      Is there any way to create a .tde file from the .twbx file when I do not have access to the Data Source tab?  Some of my students are submitting a ".twb" file.  I can make them resubmit a twbx file but this issue has piqued my curiosity so I am trying to figure it out.  I have attached two twbx files to this posting.  One file is the file provided to students from which they do the rest of the assignment.  The other file is the completed solution.


      My idea was to try and export the data from one of the sheets to a csv file and then create a tde using a very simple Tableau Prep file.  I am just wondering if I am missing something very basic.

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          Where the data resides is indeed complex.

          Apologies if you have already seen this link,

          but I think this covers the many permutations

          of datasources and Tableau files:

          O Extract, Where Art Thou? | Drawing with Numbers


          If you unzip the twbx file as you would a typical .zip file,

          you can find the .tde (or .xlsx) file therein. Please see screenshot below.


          As to why it is looking elsewhere when the file is right there,

          I'm not sure, but I think may have something to do how the tde was created

          (at the time of original connection on the datasource page

          or by rightclicking later on the datasource and selecting extract data)?


          But I did note that if I directly connected to the tde from folder

          I had unzipped, I could see everything when I went to the Datasources page.



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            Jerry Flatto

            Thank you so much.  That was extremely helpful.  I knew the twbx file included the data but didn't realize that it was effectively a "zip" file and I could use Winzip to "unzip" it.  That will be extremely helpful going forward.