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    2 data sources, 2 levels of detail, but 1 dashboard = 1 filter -- how to?

    Jürgen Bitz

      Dear Forum!


      I am struggling with my (still) limited Tableau know-how with the following: Basically it is two issues:

      1) Each data source has employee data as line items. Each employee belongs to a Division and to a Business Unit (BU). A BU is part of a Division. So there is a hierarchical connection between the two. I want the end user to have just one "selector" in the dashboard that allows to select either "whole company", ie. show a drill-down by DIvision or to select any Division which in turn show a drill-down by BU (those relevant for the selected Division)

      2) My dashboard is built from sheets fed by two different data sources. No join or anything, really two separate data sources. However, both data sources have "Division" and "BU" as columns. So if 1) is realized, I want the dashboard to switch drill-down for both data sources at the same time.


      I guess there is a way to realize that. But I am struggling... I tried with a Parameter of list items: "All" "BU1", "BU2", ... - however the BUs must be know and do to dynamically change with the available data - however, I could life with that for the use case now. This parameter is then used in a calculated field with a CASE <Parameter> WHEN "all" THEN <Division> ELSE ??? Here I am losing sight on how to get the BU drill-down in and how to then use this in each sheet.


      A simplified demo for this case is attached - I would be very thankful if someone more experienced could help me out a bit here. Thanks in advance!


      Best regards,