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    Help with incrementally updating a data source

    Joe Morris

      I have a data source around 30 million rows, that needs to be refreshed every hour.


      We have no deletes, but rows are frequently updated and inserted.


      As far as I know tableau only supports incremental updates to data sources when rows don't update, otherwise you end up with a duplicate everytime a row updates.


      The workaround I am using for this is the calculation:


      If [Update_Date] = { Fixed [Unique_ID] : Max([Update_Date]) } Then True

      Else False



      And a data source filter that only keeps rows where the above is true.


      As far as I can tell this is all working as intended, but Its proving somewhat difficult to test & after googling around the issue I've seen a lot of people with similar problems and no real solutions. So I'm a tad concerned I've missed something obvious..


      Any reasons this wouldn't work? Or any improvements I can make?


      Much appreciated,