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    Filter by percentage change of latest month

    Xu Han

      Hi Guys,

      I would like to create an alert of revenue based on change of % compared to last month. The objective is to quickly narrow down to programs that have sharp fluctuation in revenue on latest month.

      I am able to find ways to:

      -Filter to the latest two month

      -Create table calculation for % change

      -Create colour flag for % change

      Now I have difficulty to filter based on latest month %change, because the % always show for Sep and Aug. I would like to have two revenue bar, however only filter on 1st percentage (eg. program A -31%)

      The workaround I currently have is to filter latest 1 month only, however, this wouldn't provide me the Aug revenue in the chart.

      Also I notice my sorting in descending order somehow is not correct. Please help.