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    publish workbook and datasource with live connection

    Vibhu S



      I am using live connection. do i need to publish datasource and workbook separately on server ?

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          Shinichiro Murakami



          Here is a help page.

          Publish Data Sources and Workbooks - Tableau



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            Ritesh Bisht

            Making it short


            Yes you need to publish separately


            Publish datasource : It empowers you to share data source with your team members otherwise they will have to connect separately , hence it helps that way

            as well


            What you can publish

            Content types you can publish include:

            • Data sources: You can publish data sources that others can use to build new workbooks. A data source can contain a direct (or live) connection to your database or an extract you can refresh on a schedule.For information, see Best Practices for Published Data Sources.
            • Workbooks: Workbooks contain your views, dashboards, and stories, and data connection. You can include local resources, such as background images and custom geocoding, if they reside in a location that the server or other Tableau users cannot access.


            Preparing a data source for publishing

            When you publish a data source, consider these best practices:

            • Create the connection for the information you want to bring into Tableau and do any customization and cleanup that will help you and others use the data source efficiently.
            • If appropriate, create an extract of the data you want to publish. For more information, see the following section, When to use an extract.
            • Develop a data source naming convention. After publishing a data source you cannot rename it directly. Instead, you need to publish a new copy with the new name, and then update all workbook connections. A well-considered naming convention can also help other users of the data deduce which data source to connect to.
            • Consider designating the following roles among your Tableau users:
              • A data steward (or team) who creates and publishes the data sources for the Tableau community, which meet your organization’s data requirements.
              • A site administrator who manages published content, extract refreshes, and permissions on the server you publish to (Tableau Server or Tableau Online).
              Central management helps to avoid data source proliferation. Authors who connect to managed data can be confident that the answers they find in it reflect the current state of the business.






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              REDDY SEKHAR

              No need, while you are publishing the report the data source also will be published automatically. if you are publishing the data source separately, then that means(if you have multiple reports with the same data source then it's better to publish the data source separately and then use that connect it from tableau server instead of connecting database).

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                Vibhu S

                i am using odbc driver for live connection, do i need to publish workbook with twbx extension on server?