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    Filled map with provinces are not shown on Tableau Public

    Yan Lu

      Hello, I have created a filled map with different provinces/states as below in my Tableau Desktop v2018.2.3 (educational version since I am a student). It can be seen in the following snapshot that the changing color of different states represent the number I would like to show.

      Map in Tableau Desktop.png


      However, when I published the dashboard on Tableau Public, the same map was giving me something like this (below). There are no state/province boundaries and everything is in a uniform color, which is not the one I want.

      Map on Tableau Public.png

      I asked my colleagues to try with their map files. It is the same for them that the map is good on local Tableau Desktop (with all states/provinces shown), but errors in showing on Tableau Public online. However, if I download that workbook from Tableau Public and opened it locally, the map is in good format as the first top figure above.


      Has anyone experienced the similar issue? Any ideas or suggestions for this would be greatly appreciated.