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    Gantt Chart with 4+ date values

    Viktor Lyuts


      Dear Tableau community,




      I'm trying to find the solution to build a Gantt Bar chart which utilizes the data source with 4 date fields. Please see the example of the data source below and desired visualization.



      Data Set


      Project NameStart DateReview #1Review Date #2End Date
      Project #115-Mar-201828-Apr-201831-Dec-2018
      Project #230-Sept-201825-Nov-201815-Apr-2019
      Project #315-Sept-201830-May-2019


      Desired Visualization




      Data can be moved to Excel, I'm ok to use Pivot functionality to allow me to put review dates on the same axis, but then I'm puzzled on how to create "DATEDIFF" calculation across the table.


      Thank you a lot in advance