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    How to design a filter on the Dashboard with limited values

    Douglas Brockbank

      When I connect Tableau to the data warehouse, it shows all the values for a certain in my Dashboard. For example, if I have a field name 'Hospitals', and I create a filter on my dashboard of 'Hospitals', it shows ALL hospitals (hospitals, clinics, etc.)


      But suppose I want the user to be able to see and select a subset of that - such as ONLY Hospitals.


      How do I do that?


      For example, let's assume the data warehouse field called 'Hospitals' has these entries:


      - Hospital A

      - Hospital B

      - Hospital C

      - Clinic 1

      - Clinic 2

      - Clinic 3


      However, suppose I want to create a dashboard with a filter showing ONLY a subset of that list such as this-


      - Hospital A

      - Hospital B

      - Hospital C


      And if the user wants to select one or more from this list above, they can do that.


      How do I do this?


      Note, on my worksheet, I can put 'Hospitals' in 'Filters' , and then click 'Show Filters', and ONLY select 'Hospital A', 'Hospital B', and 'Hospital C'. However, on the Dashboard, when I drag that same filtered field (Hospitals) from the 'Sheet' to the right view by clicking  'Add to Dashboard', the 'Hospitals' list shows ALL of the hospitals, clinics, etc. even though the filter on the worksheet is set to ONLY hospitals. Why?