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    How to calculate repurchase rate for same item?

    Tony Fahd

      I asked something similar before and members were very helpful. i am looking for something different now:


      i am attaching a workbook where i have a list of customers who purchased an item. same customers might purchase the same item multiple times. what i like to do is flag the initial purchase and look at repurchase rate within timeframe: 30 days of initial purchase, day 31 to day 60 from initial purchase, day 61 to day 90 from initial purchase and rate over 90 days within initial purchase:i want to use the time frame as filter.


      below is my initial view in tableau. for example customer A initial purchase of the car is 12/1/2017. Customer A repurchased the car 5 times after his initial purchase. his purchase rate within 30 days is 100%, his purchase rate day 31 to fay 60 is 0 as he didn't purchase car, his purchase rate day 61 to day 90 is 100% and his purchase rate over 90 days is also 100%. so this customer repurchase rate for the car overall is 100% as he purchased it multiple times after his initial purchase.



      i like to have a view that shows the item as main field, countdistinct initial purchases, countdistinct of purchases after the initial purchase, and repurchase rate and use time frame as filter :  see below for the Car: car was bough twice by customer A and B so initial purchase is 2, both customers A and B repurchased the car so repurchases is 2 as well, and repurchase rate is 100%



      any help is greatly appreciated.