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    Time difference chart

    Nishanth Jenifer

      Hi Friends,


      I have to create chart based on the following data



      Y axis - time difference between start date and end date in hours

      x axis - hours from start date

      data should be plot in the chart based on from status to to status ( how long it took from ordered to shipped)


      Please do help to achieve this functionality

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          Mahfooj Khan



          Need some more information about the calculation like at what level of detail you wants to see the difference, at product and ship or only product

          Meanwhile you may try this,


          DATEDIFF('hour',{FIXED [prodid],[shipid],[from status]:MIN([start date])},{FIXED [prodid],[shipid],[shipped status]:MAX([end date])}



          Once done then right click+drag [start date] to x axis and select discrete/continuous hour datepart/datevalues

          Then drag the datediff calculated field and check. Drag [Product] also in canvas.


          Let us know if this help.



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