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    How to identify customers who purchase the same item within a time period?

    Tony Fahd

      Hi, I am attaching a workbook where I like to identify customers who purchased the same item within a time period. i have a million customers in my data. so for example customer A purchase a  car 3 times. i want o to bale to tell how many times they purchase the car and what is the time frame. so their initial purchase was in 12/1/17, i want to use this date as reference and identify the other purchases of the car 1/1/18 and 2/3/18 as repurchases and want to see how many days in between the repurchases and the initial one. same thing for my customer B, their initial purchase is a boat on 1/1/18 and they repurchased the boat on 2/3/18. They also purchased the care twice


      i don't care about the truck purchase of my customer A since they bought it only once. i like to have a view where the purchase is my main field and next to that field i like to see the number of repurchases by customer.


      Thanks a lot for the help.