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    Filter out States with unknown Zipcodes


      I have my data (aggregated at the zipcode level) and I have a zipcode and a state column. I figured out how to filter out zipcodes that don't match up to Tableau's list of zipcodes on the zipcode level for the USA. I was wondering if I'm trying to do calculations at a state-level view instead of a zipcode level view, how do I remove the zipcodes that don't match up for each state without having to filter each one of the 1k> unknown zipcodes? Basically I known that my state fields match correctly with the zipcodes that map to Tableau, but for the zipcodes that don't match to Tableau, my state entry isn't correct. Hopefully this makes sense. For example, if I'm looking at a sum of bundles for Michigan as a whole, I want to remove the unknown zipcodes that don't actually exist in Michigan or exist at all when I'm doing my calculation (again I can do this on a country-wide zipcode level but not the state level). Thanks!