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    [Help] MongoDB Bi Connector | Error: conn4] handshake error: ERROR 1759 (HY000): ssl is required when using cleartext authentication

    Diego Araujo

      Hello All,


      I appreciate if you guys could help me. Its been more than 2 months I am trying to figure out how to connect on MongoDB with password and SSL certificate, with out success.




      I am trying to authenticate on MongoDB using Tableu Mongo BI Connector but I am getting this error:


      I am using the Mongo DB Connector for BI 2.5 with this connection string to bind the port 3307:


      mongosqld.exe /auth /u admin /p password --mongo-uri=mongodb://mongodb:27017 /mongo-ssl /mongo-sslPEMKeyFile:C:\temp\mongodb.pem


      I am using the same SSL PEM key that is configured on MongoDB server.



      I am getting the following error on mongosqld log file:



      2018-10-22T18:47:47.897+1100 I NETWORK    [initandlisten] waiting for connections at

      2018-10-22T18:47:47.897+1100 I SAMPLER    [schemaDiscovery] initializing schema

      2018-10-22T18:47:47.935+1100 I SAMPLER    [schemaDiscovery] sampling MongoDB for schema...

      2018-10-22T18:47:47.936+1100 I SAMPLER    [schemaDiscovery] no namespaces were sampled

      2018-10-22T18:47:52.446+1100 I NETWORK    [conn1] connection accepted from #1 (1 connection now open)

      2018-10-22T18:47:52.446+1100 E NETWORK    [conn1] handshake error: ERROR 1759 (HY000): ssl is required when using cleartext authentication

      2018-10-22T18:47:52.447+1100 I NETWORK    [conn1] end connection (0 connections now open)



      That is the connection throw Tableu MongoDB BI Connector option, I using the same SSL certificate of MongoDB server " mongodb.pem "

      Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 5.47.49 pm.png


      That is my  Mongodb environment:


      MongoDB server with authentication and SSL:


      I have configured the SSL on MongoDB server


      # network interfaces


        port: 27017




          mode: requireSSL

          PEMKeyFile: /etc/mongodb/ssl/mongodb.pem

          allowConnectionsWithoutCertificates: true

          allowInvalidCertificates: true



         authorization: enabled





      Thank you in advance


      Diego Araujo