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    Plotting Points on a Circle - Network/Hub & Spoke Graph

    Liz Lucabaugh

      Hi Everyone,


      I'd like to attempt to create a network graph, hub and spoke style, for my team. The idea is to create a visual showing all 18 team members (the spokes) connected to one arbitrary data point/circle representing the team name (the hub). You should clearly see the path lines from each team member to the hub. My question here is how can I meticulously plot each team member so that they are even distance apart from the inner circle? Can each member have its own circle/lollipop as an overlay onto the outer circle? I realize this requires some geometry but not sure where to start.


      Bonus: I'd also like to incorporate "tenure" or length of time each team member has been employed. To illustrate this, I'd like for the path length to represent tenure - the longer the path, the longer the employee has been on the team. Is this possible?


      Bonus Part II: Would it also be possible to overlay a headshot of each team member onto the data point that represents them?


      Please see sample data attached.