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    How to show Prorated Sales Target

    Ummar Abdullah

      I'm building a sales dashboard and using bullet graphs to show YTD and MTD sales performance with a reference line showing Sales Target. Then displaying a value of percentage to target. I'm able to do all of this so far.


      The issue I'm running into is how to show seasonal proration.


      For example, suppose today is November 15.


      In the MTD view, I will show the monthly sales up to Nov 15, but I want to prorate the Sales Target for Nov 15, meaning I have to multiply it by (15days/30days).

      In the YTD view, I will show the yearly sales up to Nov 15 and I want to show it against the YTD sales target for the FULL months of Jan-Oct, and the prorated month of Nov.


      Any ideas on how to do this? The picture below is what I'm looking for.