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    Custom Geo Coding for France

    David Branch

      Hi all,

      I am trying to create a filled map of France using the IRIS categorisation of the country.  This is the categorisation that aims to capture units of the country in blocks of about ~2000 residents and is defined by the French national statistics agency (https://www.insee.fr/en/metadonnees/definition/c1523)

      Despite quite a lot of hunting online, I cannot find anyone who has done this with Tableau.  Does anyone in the network know how to do this? 

      Many thanks in advance


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          Michael Gillespie

          David, let's try!


          What data is available from INSEE?  Can you get a spatial file (.shp or .kml or GeoJSON or...)?


          Tableau doesn't recognize the IRIS boundaries natively, but if we can get a spatial representation of the data we can easily use Tableau to visualize it.


          If we can't get our hands on an actual spatial file, how does INSEE make the boundaries available?  We may need to do some work in QGIS or ArcServe or another geospatial tool.

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            David Branch

            Hi Michael,


            Yes- I have uncovered a file on their website that allows you to draw the shapes on a filled map of France.  This is at:




            the next issue I am having is with establishing a link from this data set to another data set I have that has IRIS as the title of a column….the geospatial data set does not seem to allow you to pick up the IRIS column heading…


            Do you know if there is a way of making the French IRIS areas as one of the Geospatial roles in tableau?  That would seem like the perfect way of handling this….


            Any tips most welcome



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              Michael Gillespie

              What is in that IRIS column in your secondary data set?  The name of the IRIS area?  Something else?


              In the data set you linked to, the Geometry field is the one you want to drop on the canvas: that will draw the boundaries of each IRIS area.  You can drop "Nom Iris" on colour and get a VERY busy map of each area.


              So, we don't necessarily have to make the IRIS area name a geo field...