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    Gauge help

    Stefanie Ledbetter

      First let me say that I have only had Tableau about 3 weeks so......   Second, I am in healthcare (single hospital - not a health system) and working to create meaningful, visually pleasing dashboards that tell a story.  We are switching from an Excel based approach to a Tableau format for our reporting. 


      I've read every post on the forum that I can find and searched google high and low looking for guidance in making a gauge.  I know that it isn't viewed as the best visualization for data but in healthcare specifically, there are instances where it just tells the story such as: it is very relevant in terms of avoiding harm.  How many patient events have we had year to date?  No patient events are the desired result but no hospital is there yet.  A green to red gauge where 0 is green and whatever number is determined to be acceptable would be red.  Has anyone done anything like this for their hospital? I actually made a donut and I even got to half a donut but it was rotated off axis and I couldn't figure out how to fix it.