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    Visualizing table calculations




      Currently I am in the process of doing some small what-if / adjustments to current data sets, we are now at the point where we have the result we want and now we want to visualize. Currently everything is in a text table and table calculations are applied, if I change the viz from text table to another it will not show the correct data anymore because of the calculations.


      To give some context:

      We currently have a balance every 30 minutes. We adjusted this balance to whats configured in the three parameters:


      parameters.pngparameter in.png

      parameter out.pngparameter adj.png


      This works as we want, balance adjusted2 returns the correct results.


      This is all on 30min interval but for the viz we want to change to Day and two lines (Balance versus Balance adjusted).

      Currently I am using this LoD to return the latest balance (so the balance of 23:30):

      IF {INCLUDE:MAX([Date])}=[Date] THEN [balance] END


      The 23:30 balance is the only balance we need, so also for balance adjusted we just need this interval..


      If I create a filter to only shows this interval the table calculation stops working.

      DATEPART('hour',date) = 23 and DATEPART('minute',[Date]) = 30




      I want to visualize the Latest Balance (23:30 balance) versus Latest Adjusted Balance (23:30 Balance = 'balance adjusted2')