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    Data Join Issue

    Colin Lammers

      So I'm pretty sure I will need to figure out a solution outside of Tableau but I thought I'd post here first. Essentially I'm trying to join three different tables.


      - Apps is application data which has an application id, company id, and app dollars.

      - Purchases is purchase data with application data which has an app ID column, sales dollars, and company id

      - Company Info is partner id data that has two company id fields and the state.


      Now there are two problems with the data:


      - The app ID in the purchase data set is not always in the application data set due to using two different systems.

      - There are two different company ID numbers because of the two different systems.


      What I want is a line for every app ID with the data from the purchase source AND the company info data.


      The obvious hole in the data below is the the bottom two rows. I'm fine with the nulls in the app data source, but the company data would need to be filled in.


      There's no solution within Tableau is there?