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    Uneven Sales In Average

    Christopher DeBerry

      Hello Everyone,


      I am creating a dashboard and need to visualize annual sales. One of the problems is that the data is reported monthly and there are instances where there are 11 months recorded in the year as opposed to 12. I want to be able to distinguish between sales that include the full year and less than a full year. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to create a formula that looks at the count of sales in a given year and return a true or false based on non null values in the window?

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          Gabe DeWitt

          Hi Chris,

          I'm not sure I understand your question, especially toward what you're looking for in as an end result.

          Most answers will vary depending on how your data is stored/formatted.  so, an example data set would be most helpful...

          If you're able to also include your desired output, we should be able to offer more assistance.