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    Returning Text from Calculated Field

    Jacob Seymer


      I have trouble when trying to make a calculation that will return text. It returns numbers just fine, but always returns #error when I change the return to any text. Is this not supported?

      Simple examples would be creating a blank calculated field to return "test" in all cases.


      My specific problem is that I want to split up the recieved date from the hour 4 into 4:00 to 4:30 and 4:30 to 5, but it doesn't let me return 4.5 or 4:30 as it is text:


      IF (DATEPART('hour', [RECEIVED_DT]) == 16 AND DATEPART('minute', [RECEIVED_DT]) < 30 )

      THEN STR"4.5"

      ELSEIF (DATEPART('hour', [RECEIVED_DT]) == 16 AND DATEPART('minute', [RECEIVED_DT]) >= 30 )

      THEN STR("60")


      STR(DATEPART('hour', [RECEIVED_DT]))



      60 returns fine but not 4.5


      Thank you for any suggestions