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    Display measures of two different periods in crosstab

    Abhinaba Basu



      I have a dataset in csv data source file that looks like this:


      Period     Manufacturer     Sales

      July-2018     BMG              $1500

      August-2018     BMG          $1200

      September-2018 BMG         $1800

      October-2018     BMG          $1600


      I want to achieve a crosstab view as follows:



      Manufacturer     September-2018     October-2018     Sales Change

      BMG                    $1800                    $1600                   $200


      I used LOOKUP(SUM(Sales),-1), but I am unable to fetch the previous month measures. They are coming as NULL.

      Is there any other option to achieve this?


      Note that there is Period Filter in this view where users can choose the period based on which the above view will change. (User's selection will become current period).




      Dataset added as suggested.