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    Any Events?

    Laurie Dunagan

      Is this user group still active in STL?  I don't see any activity or events.  It would be great if STL could become more active as a User Group.  Any comments/ideas on how to get this going?


      Laurie Dunagan

      The Boeing Company

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          josh brandt

          Hi Laurie,


          We are active - I think this page isn't the most active though. We have meetings quarterly. We just had a meeting a little over a month ago, and we're in the middle of planning for the last one of the year.


          We're in the middle of updating the stale links that are out there for the STL TUG. Since you've joined this group, you should get a notification whenever the next event is scheduled.


          There's a Linkedin group:


          We also have a FB group:


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            Laurie Dunagan

            Hi Josh,


            That is great to hear.  There are a couple of others that I work with who would also be interested in this group.  I will let them know to join the group in order to receive updates.


            Thank you and have a great day!

            Laurie Dunagan

            The Boeing Company

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              Hello Josh - Thanks for the information about the LinkedIn group, I just sent a request to join.

              I think I received email messages in the past, would definitely like to be included on future mailings.

              I just returned from the user conference in New Orleans and want to continue networking locally with users.


              Sarah Friesen

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                Laurie Dunagan

                Great!  Thank you so much, Sarah.  I am looking forward to the events.



                Laurie Dunagan

                Data Analytics, Training Analytics

                The Boeing Company