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    Problem with filters

    Agustin Leira

      Hi everybody!


      I am doing a dashboard to manage Agencies with drop off and picked up.


      I have this data:


      Agency IDDate drop offDate picked upHourly RangeQ of shipmentsNº of picked up
      125/1025/109-12 hs1031
      125/1025/1015-18 hs 1402
      126/1026/109-12 hs1201


      I want to exclude of my analysis the agencies with 2 or more picked up per day.


      In this case, I want to exclude the Agency Id 1, with date drop off = 25/10 because had picked up in two hourly ranges: '9-12 hs' and '15-18 hs'.


      I need to put a filter to exclude them


      How can I do this?