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    Dynamically change Measure Name based on Filter

    Paul Sitch



      Apologies if this has been asked before, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything similar.


      Let's say I have a measure called 'Total Cost' and a dimension containing 'categories':


      • Pencils
      • Pens
      • Staplers


      I apply the 'categories' as a filter for the user to switch between the options. Is there a way I can rename the 'Total Cost' measure based on which category is selected?


      e.g. if user selects Pencil, the Measure name changes to 'Total Cost - Pencils'

           if user selects Stapler, the measure name changes to 'Total Cost - Staplers' etc..


      I know I could create a new calculated field which does this, but I have quite a few measures I would have to create labels for and was just wondering if there was another way?



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          seraj alam

          Hi Paul,

          if you want to show value by total cost selected as filter then follow below step.

          I have used sample super store data to show the details.

          Place the category dimension in filter shelf and show the filter option and Sales on text mark. then go the below option to change the header like below title.png


          Then go the below option insert - Type Total cost and insert category name like below


          then final output will be like below.


          final out.png


          i am attaching the workbook for your reference. Please let me know if this is what u are looking for.


          In sheet 2 I have used dynamice measure for your reference if you looking something like.


          Please mark this answer correct answer and helpful if it solves your issue.

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            Paul Sitch

            Thanks Seraj,


            I'm afraid that isn't really what I meant.


            Using your example, let's say I didn't just have total cost and had several measures in a table:



            What I would want is to Display those three measures with the category filtered, which I've mocked up below:




            This is what I'm after, I've changed the alias in this mock up, which I don't think you can change dynamically to my knowledge.