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    How to tackle long "Sorting Data" events in Performance Testing?

    John Taylor

      I'm having trouble improving the performance of a worksheet. The view below is counting a distinct INT across age and gender dimensions. It is resulting in some costly "Sorting Data" events compared to everything else in the performance recording. I can't share the workbook unfortunately, but I'm lost where to begin here.


      Is it really spending that much time computing which mark each distinct INT goes in?


      I tried this with no sort on the pills vs sorting the first number of 'x - y yrs' , same issue. Wondering if "Sorting Data" is closely tied to all of the filters on the worksheet?


      I imagine without a workbook there may not be much help I can get here. Any direction or guesses would be appreciated.




      Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 11.57.30 AM.png