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    Copying Sheets Into a Production Workbook

    Doug Spavlik

      I currently have two workbooks in production.  Let's call them PWB1 and PWB2.  I am trying to copy the contents of PWB2 into PWB1.  Both have data sources that are published to our Tableau Server.  I thought I could just add the data source from PWB2 to PWB1 and copy the sheets and rebuild the dashboards.  When I paste in the sheets the paste action is also pasting in the data source from PWB2.  I though ok I can just replace it with the published data source on the server.  When I do it's replacing the data source for all the original sheets in PWB1.


      My goal was to add a published data source to an existing workbook (which already has a published data source) and copy in 6 sheets to use the newly added data source.   Are there any Tableau Master or Tableau Jedi tricks to copying in sheets to a workbook with out replacing the original data source? 


      Any Help is much appreciated.

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          Naveen B

          Hi Doug,


          Find the Steps below


          1) Copy the Sheets from PWB2 to PWB1

          2) Once You Copied the sheets you will get two data sourcesEG: PWB2 -> PWD2 Data Source and PWB1 --> PWD1 Data source

          3) Add the new data source which you want to change for PWD2

          eg: D3 --> is the new data source ( CTRL + D --> Tableau Server --> Select the Published Data Source)

          4) Once you added the D3 now your dashbaord is having 3 data sources

          PWD1, PWD2, D3

          5) Click on PWD2 --> Replace Data source

          6) A Popup will open asking to select the current and replacement data source

          Current : PWD2

          Replacement : D3

          7) Once you have done the replacement, all the sheets which you copied from the PWB2 will point to the new data source called D3 and PWB1 data source remains Same.


          Hope this helps,


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            Doug Spavlik

            Hi Naveen-


            Thanks for the reply but I answered my question be for I saw your reply.  Here is what I did...


            From the Data Source tab in Production WorkBook 1 (PWB1) I added the published data source from Production WorkBook2 (PWB2).  Lets call it DS2.  Then I copied in all 6 sheets from PWB2 into PWB1 but I copied in an extra copy of the last sheet.  This copied in an instance of the sheet's data source so it replicated DS2 7 times.  So I had the following data sources after coping in all the sheets.


            DS1 - Original Data source for existing sheets in PWB1

            DS2 - The one I added to the PWB1

            DS2(1) - Replicated on coping Sheet1

            DS2(2) - Replicated on coping Sheet2

            DS2(3) - Replicated on coping Sheet3

            DS2(4) - Replicated on coping Sheet4

            DS2(5) - Replicated on coping Sheet5

            DS2(6) - Replicated on coping Sheet6

            DS2(7) - Replicated on coping the extra Sheet6


            The trick was replacing 1-6 with the data source I added.  This was done by Clicking  on  DS2(n) --> Replace Data source. I then just deleted DS2(7).


            I am not sure if this is a supported method but it worked in my case. If this is helpful please mark it as such. 

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              Ciara Brennan

              Glad to hear you have an answer Doug!

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