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    How to add score card displaying information from 2 metrics?

    Danish Haroon



      My question relates to the Date dimension and the following measures:

      • Expense Predicted Amount
      • Expense Total Amount


      The date spans from 2017 to 2018, and is present on a monthly level vendor and state wise.

      • Expense Total Amount has the data within the time frame 2017 - 8/2018
      • Expense Predicted Amount has the data within the time frame 9/2018 - 12/2018


      I want to show the following score cards on the dashboard

      • Scorecard 1: Displays the Expense Predicted Amount for the first prediction month i.e. 9/2018 in this case
      • Scorecard 2: Displays the Expense Total Amount aggregated for the latest year for which data is available i.e. 2018 in this case


      Both scorecards should also display the date for which these numbers are shown


      I have attached the packaged file for your perusal