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    How to show each column value on Text Table and not show it consolidated?

    Tania Jordan

      Hello all, I'm aware that showing text tables on a Tableau Dashboard is not a good practice, however it's needed in our case as we are a Research Organization.


      On a text table like this one:Tableau Public


      If you scroll down to the Score values that have the same value, for example:  '8' I have two issues:

      1. How can I make sure that the first Score column value which I am using to order the scores from highest to lowest, always shows the score in a different line and not just consolidats the different lines together when the score is the same?

      2. When scrolling on a Dashboard, the number disappears so it's not possible to see the score anymore, so that's why I need to make sure that tableau repeats the column value even if it's the same for other lines.


      I'm using Tableau 2018.2. See image attached.


      Thank you for any suggestions,