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    Tooltips not available on all Dimensions (and last column issue)




      I have a sheet with 2-3 dimensions, and to remove the "abc" column I added one dimension to the Text mark.

      This removed the "abc" but it had a few undesirable effects.


      First -  this last dimension has no header in the header names, it is blank.  I could get around this by putting a Dummy calculated variable that has no value as the Dimension to use for the last column but then I will have a blank row.  What is the correct way to remove this last column altogether?


      Secondly, my Tooltips are not available on any columns except this last column..  I want the Tooltip to be available on all dimensions.

      How do I make these appear?


      I am attaching a basic workbook to try and demonstrate my issue.


      Many thanks in advance for any help.