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    Ungroup columns

    Brad Shannon

      I'm trying to add a table to my Viz.  The first 6 columns have exactly the same data.  For some reason, they are all grouping into one column and the column name is the name of the 6th column.  How do I undo this.  I want the data to repeat in every column and I want all 6 column separate from each other.  Right now all the data is in one column and is separated by a comma.


      Thanks in advance for any help.



      ProviderId SuperID  Chain   Tier  Dcs Store Number

      123456789, 12345, Store1, 123, AB, 123456

      123456789, 12345, Store1, 123, AB, 265485

      123456789, 12345, Store1, 123, AB, 857967


      This ends up being the first column as I drag blue, discrete pills on to rows.


      I only have 12 columns in all.  I had to treat the Zip Code like a mark for some reason.


      The name of the first column ends up being "Store Number".  This number is the first unique piece of data.