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    Ranking Calculated Field with Measure

    Diego Parker

      Hi! I'm fairly new to Tableau and I have been struggling for a while with a calculation.


      For company reasons, I can't upload the workbook so I will do my best to explain my issue.


      I have one dimension field called Borough which is made of a list of all London Boroughs. I would like to create a calculated field that always gives me the name of the Borough that has more events (Number of Records). I am using this field to create a dynamic text that says something like:


      "The XX (this is where the calculation should go) borough had the most incidents during XX (here I'm using a date parameter)"


      To sum up, what I'm looking is that every time I change my date parameter I want it to display the borough that had more incidents. The date parameter is already done I just need the calculation for the TOP borough. I tried to use Max but it only gives me a result according to their alphabet order