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    Conditional Color formatting issue

    Ramesh Ravichandran



      I have to display the + percentage as black and - percentage as red.  Metric value sample are below without the number formatting (left side) and it works as expected. When i use the custom format (+0.0%;-0.0%) to limit the decimal then the problem comes. Rounding off to single decimal (right side screenshot) displays the number from - to + where as the color code show as red since the number is negative.


      How do i make the + numbers to black or i have display the - symbol since the number is actually a negative.


      Please advise.


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          Joe Oppelt

          Are you saying that you want those 0.0% values to be black?  Behind the scenes, those values still are negative, even though the formatting displays them as 0.0%.


          So if you want them to be black, and to be evaluated as truly 0.0 rather than the tiny negative value that is actually stored in memory, use the ROUND() function to round the value to 3 decimal places.  ROUND([field name],3).  That would round those tiny values to zero.  Use that calc in place of the field that has the tiny value in it.

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