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    Converting Seconds to the HH:MM:SS Format and Summing up the Results

    Katelyn P



      I have a years worth of phone data and am trying to sum up the total amount of call time/duration that each department was on the phone.


      My raw data for call time comes back as an integer in seconds.  An example would be the Customer Service department has been on the phone a total of 143,405,180 seconds for the entire last year.


      I tried creating a calculated field based off of the call time column.  This was the formula I used: [Call Time]/86400


      I then changed the default property, number format to be HH:MM:SS.


      I dragged this calculated field into my view to show the sum of call time for each department with no filters on my data at all and got the result 18:46:20 for the total amount of time that the Customer Service department was on the phones for the entire year.


      I know that this is wrong.  The real result should be: 39834:46:20


      Any help with getting the call time field into the correct HH:MM:SS format with the correct summed up total would be much appreciated.


      Thank you!