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    Venn Diagram - Filter Actions?

    Erik Wempa

      Good morning.  Never buy dollar-store coffee.  The stuff I'm drinking now could be crematorium remains, for all I know.  It's really dreadful.  Anyhoo...


      I have a Tableau workbook (attached) and I'm looking to do two things:

      1. VENN SHEET:  Display only the counts for Set #1 or Set #2, but not both at the same time, based on what the user wants.

      2. VENN SHEET:  Implement an action where the user can click on anything in the Venn Diagram (Set #1, Set #2 or the overlap in between) and have it drill to DRILL-TO SHEET, based on what they've selected.


      I know the Venn diagrams in Tableau are tricky and not perfect by any means, so perhaps this can't be done. But I welcome any feedback/suggestions/solutions.