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    Lookup value based on date

    Kayla Wah



      I need help coming up with calculated field to help pick up the right value based on a user selected date, from a table.


      Example of the lookup table:-


      Approval Start DateApproval End DateNameAmount
      1 Jan 201831 Mar 2018ABC500
      1 Apr 201830 Sep 2018ABC250
      1 Jan 201831 Dec 2018DEF1000
      1 Mar 201831 May 2018XYZ150
      1 Jun 201830 Sep 2018XYZ300


      So for a given selected date by the user, example 2 Jun 2018, I need the relevant amounts to be picked up by this calculated field. My result should return something like the below if I were to put it in a list:-


      ABC -  250

      DEF - 1000

      XYZ - 300


      The date selection is a parameter - we can call it [Date Selected]