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    Dynamic Date Parameters

    krishna kanth


      I have a requirement where I would like to use  Dynamic Date Parameter (2018.2 Extensions) in my Dashboard.

      When i am using this extension it is throwing an error.It seems like i am not doing it in a right way.


      it would be great if anyone could help me to set up this extension.


      Thank you






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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Krishna,


          first install node js in your machine and try to config and use the extension.


          you want to create an extension or work with the sample code, make sure you have the following dependencies installed:

          You need Node.js and nmp to run the dashboard extension demos. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime. npm is a package manager for Node.js and is installed when you install Node.js.

          Start a web server to host the sample dashboard extensions

          To use the dashboard extension samples, you need to start up a web server on your computer to host the HTML pages. If you downloaded or cloned the Extensions API repository, you can start the web service in the root directory of the repository on your computer. For example, if you downloaded the extensions-api-master.zip file to your Downloads directory, after you extract the files, the path might be Downloads\extensions-api-master\extensions-api\.

          1. Navigate to the extensions-api directory.
          2. To install the web server components, run the following npm command to install the package:


            npm install 


          3. To start the web server, run the following npm command:


            npm start 




          Get Started




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            krishna kanth

            Hi Rajan.


            Thank you for your time,


            I am done with the installation part and i could able to use all Extensions apart from "Dynamic Date Filter" and "Dynamic Date Range Filter"


            Could you please help me in this..


            Thank you