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    Real Time Tableau from MySQL

    Pierre Amey

      Good day,


      I am very new with Tableau. Actually, I am collect sensors measure from fieads and the values are sent over 3G network.

      The value are save into a MySQL database and I display the charts with a javascript library.


      My boss asked to check Tableau in order to use it in the feature, but I have to read the values from our Web and MySQL server. Then I suppose, I have to install Tableau in our server, that's right?


      Is there a local installation for Tableau, and is it easy to create a local MySQL connection/configuration?


      Thank for your tips and hints in order to have a good start with local installation



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          Tushar  More

          You need a database to save your data. In your case you can use MySQL. Then download Tableau desktop on your machine, connect to your DB, and consume the data.

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            Sankarmagesh Rajan

            Hi Pierre,


            Install tableau desktop and connect local mysql and create viz.




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              Pierre Amey


              Thank a lot for answers. I just check about licenses.

              There are 3 different licenses.

              1. Tableau Viewer
              2. Tableau Explorer
              3. Tableau Creator


              I suppose, I should use tableau Creator, but I pain to understand the diffence with tableau Viewer.

              With Tableau viewer, can I connect to a database and display the value in a graph? I suppose no, but I have a doubt as you spoke about Tableau Desktop and this term is not showed at Tableau Viewer. But what offer tableau viewer excepted the dashboard? We tableau viewer, can we not configure ourself mySQL database?

              As we only need to extract data from a MySQL database and publish the graph to a public we page, I worried to choose the license which only offer what we need.


              May be Tableau Desktop is the only license which can help me. Is the only license which let me manage MySQL connection?



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                Sankarmagesh Rajan



                Tableau creator name called as tableau desktop

                Tableau explorer name as tableau server


                Tableau viewer is nothing but user just view the dashboards and no edit option.


                But tableau creator and explorer.


                Create dashboard in creator and share to tableau server


                Any issue ping me +919894170397