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    Reference Line in Waterfall with Parameter selection

    Kylian Pattje



      For the following problem i have created a data set and a workbook to help out with the answer. The data contains dimensions: fiscal year, posting period, type of fruit and plan . and calculations: nsb, gp and margin.


      I created a water fall chart with a parameter selection for the 3 calculations, filtered by plan ACTUAL so it does not sum values from FORECAST. The objective is to plot FORECAST as a reference line that takes into account months and the parameters. In other words my aim is to visually see how the business is going and the importance from total +  if we are meeting our goals (forecast).


      The ACTUAL filter does not help out as it takes FORECAST values from its calculations...so I believe i should apply the filter to the calculations rather than to the visualization.


      I have thought about LOD expresions with conditions but don't get any results out (recently started with tableau, haven't worked a lot with LOD) and while typing it occurred maybe a secondary axis would work.


      Any how if you know of  an elegant solution pls let me know i attach the workbook with all the data.



      Thanks in advance,