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    Tabular view is showing data from 2nd pills not from 1st pill

    Shahroz Ahmed

      Hello Guys,


      I am creating a tabular view. I have been given 2 tables from one data source. each table has similar kind of columns. In order to show specific column from Table A, I connected data source A and put all required dimensions into row shelf, I can see the all data in tabular form. I nearly dragged 18-20 dimension in row. it only shows 16 in a view. That's fine.


      Again I added same data source to show table 2 from same data source but I connected in same workbook separately. I dragged nearly 18 dimensions in row shelf in a different sheet to show data in tabular form. I can see the data in tabular form which only showing 16 dimension not all. That's fine


      Now the problem is sheet 2 -- In the view data is showing from dimension 2 and so on. For example as I mentioned in sheet 2 I have put 18 dimensions (so 1st dimension is account number, 2nd is Account Name and so on ......) as I put them in order then view should show me in same order right?


      Why does it show from 2nd (account Name)? I don't have slider to slide down from right to left or left to right. When I put both sheet in a dashboard, user can one graph starts with Account number  and other starts with Account name then it's problem.



      Please advise. I tried my best to portray the problem I am having. Hopefully it makes sense