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    Calculation vs Groups

    Reid Walker

      Hey All,


      I'm working with some public data from PA about education. The data comprises scores for students in public schools and the results are given in percentage by level. There are 4 levels Advanced, Proficient, Basic, and Below Basic. I want to be able to add Advanced with Proficient and then Basic with Below Basic. As you can see in the Overview dash I've been able to make two groups from the Level dimension, but I would love to be able to combine the two so I can have a label for Advanced/Proficient and Not Proficient. Wondering if there would be some kind of calculation I could do or maybe something else with group that would add up the different levels. Notice also that the Results measure is AVG and has been stumbling me up when I've played around with the data to possible make a calculation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.