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    Can a User Manipulated Date Slider be just a viewer and not a filter?

    Daniel Lawrence

      Hello All,


        I have attached a workbook but the main sheet of interest is "All Location Revenue" and possibly the dashboard it is housed on "Weekly Flash Report". 


      As you can see, I have a user manipulable time slider that allows for the changing of start date and end date.  You will also notice that the tool tip has a number of calculations including year over year and 4 week trailing average.  These are based on table look-ups.


      The problem is when the date slider is manipulated to select more precise periods, the data necessary for the the table look-ups gets filtered out.


      It gets slightly more complicated because the data goes back to 2014 and we only want the user to have view-able access to 1/1/2017 and later.  I tried to use a view filter by:  lookup(min([Full Date]), 0) and then select starting date 1/1/2017 but the slider still shows the 2014 data starting point and the user can select it.  Currently, I have a context data filter on from 1/1/17 but I encounter the same problem of filtering out data necessary for Year Over Year calculations for dates 1/1/2017 through 1/31/2017.


      Ideally, I want to have all the data from 2014 on one level that is calculation accessible, then a subset of that data from 1/1/2017 forward that is visually accessible that i can attach tool tip calculations to.  Is this possible?


      Thanks for any and all ideas!