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    Selection menu remains after dashboard action completes

    Corinne Briggs

      I have two dashboards connected by a filter action.  When you select a person's name on dashboard 1, it switches to dashboard 2 with all of the information being filtered to match the data for the person you selected.  Due to the highly protected nature of the data I work with, I can't share the dashboard or even a pared-down version.  The best I've got is the attached screenshot with the protected information blacked out.  The issue arises that after I select the person and the view switches to dashboard 2, the selection menu from dashboard 1 remains.  The only way I've been able to "get rid of it" is to use the selection tabs at the top to switch between Overview and Level.  It's the only way I've been able to find to "clear" the selection menu seen in the screenshot.  This issue doesn't happen when I'm working on the dashboards in Desktop.  It only happens after I've moved the dashboard to our site on the Server.  I've got Desktop 2018.2.2 and our server is running 2018.2.  Is this just a bug we're going to have to workaround, or is there some way I can turn off that selection menu so it doesn't happen?

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          Joe Oppelt

          Are you saying that selection menu is what you originally has on the first dashboard?  And when you get to the second dashboard it's still there?


          If so, that's not right at all.


          Do you have any other such actions?  And if so, do you see the same behavior?


          Regarding the proprietary data, you can anonymize your data and workbook as demonstrated in the video linked here:


          Video demonstrates how to anonymize your workbook/data



          This results in a small excel data source instead of your larger application.  You could hack up a similar action that way.  If it still happens with that one, you have a nice packaged case you can ship to Tableau Support.

          But whether or not you do that sample workbook, if the answer to my first questions are TRUE, you have a bug and should contact Tableau support anyway.  They may want to dial in with webex or some such thing, and see for themselves.

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            Corinne Briggs

            The answer to your first and second questions are yes.  I've been searching and searching for a solution, but I just needed to be a little more sure that what I was seeing was a bug (or see if there was some way I could "turn off" the selection menu) before sending it to Tableau Support.  Thanks for the confirmation that I'm not completely crazy!