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    Looking to determine if Tableau is the correct program for my business team's needs

    Timothy Cox

      My business group is looking to move off of an Access database since it has reached EOL.  I have two row merge functions that I need to do on a manual basis but from what I've read so far about Tableau, I don't know if this functionality is possible.


      Example spreadsheet below:





      Merge Example 1:

      Rows 1 and 2 need to be merged into a singular row so the final output is row 4.  The data does not have any calculation performed but pulls the information from partial rows to create a fully populated one.


      Merge Example 2:

      Rows 1 and 3 need to be merged into a singular row so the final output is row 5.  The data has calculations performed but the calculations are unique to each column, (A is addition, C is multiplication, E is subtraction)


      Our overall database may have thousands of lines and we need to selectively merge specific lines, not matching any hard coded pattern but something that is manually determined.  Additionally, it may be more than 2 rows but with the potential of up to 30 at a time.


      Is this something that Tableau can do or is there another piece of software that can perform these actions faster and easier?  I am fine with needing to program a macro or button where I select several rows at once to combine into a singular row but creating a SQL command for each individual merge at a time would not save any time from doing the same cut and paste in Excel.