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    Scheduled Email Failure For Half of Recipients

    Charlotte Taft

      Hi All!


      So I have been running into the following situation:

      • Have a dash that updates weekly and a scheduled email (see screenshot) that is set up to send that morning to 12 users. What has been happening is that it sends to 2-3 of those users - which ones varies by week! - and the others fail with the following error: com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.util.EmailHelper$SMTPServerException: SMTP host unreachable.
      • Note that immediately prior to this error it has successfully sent - these emails are all on the same (our corporate Microsoft accounts) platform
      • I imagine this is a networking/connectivity issue that will require a solution on our end but was hoping that someone might have pointers on what needs to be asked for (I'm the head of BI so need to give full info for the ticket to our tech folks, naturally).


      Anyone run into this? Thanks!!