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    How can I calculate the fixed minimum date from a filtered time range?

    Heano Kim



      This is my first time posting so please excuse anything I might have forgotten.


      I am trying to calculate the overall minimum date for each tester given a filtered date range. In this example, I will be looking at all tests started on or after 10/1/2018.

      test start date filter.PNG

      As you can see below, in the second column [Min. Test Start Date], the earliest date I have from this filtered time frame is 10/1/2018. This column is not a calculated field but rather a quick measure (e.g. MIN([Test Start Date])). What I would like is for the third column [Days Worked (date)] to all say 10/1/2018.

      Tester Table.PNG

      For [Days Worked (date)], I attempted to calculate this using this formula below, but since it aggregates at the tester level, I get values that range as far back as 11/24/17. I am not very experienced with using the FIXED function so I am quite unsure which direction to head in.

      fixed date calc.PNG

      How can I get the minimum date for each tester to all say 10/1/2018 given my filtered time range?


      Any guidance would be appreciated. I will be quick to respond.